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Mobile agency net "Mobile Agent"

with help of our crowdsourcing platform!

Actual data, quick result, gathering information from all territory of Russia and CIS countries!

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Unique analytical product Mobile Agent


Solving business tasks become easier and fast and Agent's work more interesting and simple!

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Product Mobile Agent

Online platform for BI data analysis


Our services

We gather information, make researches and perform audits


For different industries

We have solutions for different spheres and industries


Why we?

We guarantee quick result and high quality services


Product Mobile Agent

Mobile platform "Mobile Agent" can be set up for executing different tasks for different spheres and industries.

Possibility to set different settings for individual queries makes from it possible to give detailed and quality information for our customers. It doesn't matter would it be quantitive analysis, statistic collecting, information gathering for any sphere or industry of Customer - you can do that through "Mobile Agent".

Today we have experience in the next spheres: Cinema and Media, Banks, Insurance, Telecomunnication, Retail, FCMG.

Cinema, Media

Who are we

What is it, Mobile Agent?

Mobile Agent – international agent community, working on mobile platform. Our technology development can setup tasks and split them among Mobile Agent Community. After task is complete system can proceed with sending payment to agent automatically through mobile platform. Built-in BI data analysis system can make any reports customer wants.

What we offer:

  • Independent data
  • Quick result
  • Qualitative analytics
  • Good saving
  • Selected agents
  • Online access to system
  • Result moderation
  • Efficient partnership

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For our customers!

We practice individual approach to solve customer tasks. Technology platform is very flexible and can be set up due to any requirements of definite industry. Any report customer wants can be made by Mobile Agent technology platform.

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For our agents!

We always look for new Agents. Preselection is our main idea when we hiring agents, because data quality that we provide must be on the highest level. Due to that we offer full-time employment and regular source of income.

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Why choose us?

Quick result

All data can be gathered in short period of time with possibility of operational contorl and online web-portal to database for our client.

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Quality analytics

All gathered information pass through analytical data-handling BI system, before become finally report for client.

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Reducing costs

Our mobile technology service Mobile Agent is cheaper in times in comparison with Marketing Agencies or costs for hiring your own personal.

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If you want to know more about Mobile Agent product,

Visit our community in Vkontakte or send you query for additional information to e-mail:

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